Apocalisse Wrath Of God by Giovanni Meroni/Thirdway Industries


  • Gold gilding on cards
  • Full-bleed foiled backs
  • Limited and Numbered
  • Less than 1000 decks made
  • 2 layers of foil on tuckbox
  • Embossing on tuckbox
  • Custom seal
  • Printed by Cartamundi
  • Metallic inks on card faces
  • 4 Jokers

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Apocalisse is a deck about the End of the World, inspired by the Book of Revelation.
Wrath of God is the limited, gilded version of the main deck of the project.

Wrath of God have the same cards of Apocalisse, golden gilded, and a special tuck box with two different layers of gold foil.

The suits represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Spades are Conquest, Hearts are War, Diamonds are Famine, and Clubs are Death.




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