ARW V2.1 (Special Tuck) Playing Cards by Luke Wadey


  • Printed by USPCC
  • Limited to 1500 decks of V2 & 1000 decks of V2.1
  • Premium bee stock, crushed, air cushion finish and traditionally cut
  • 56 fully custom cards printed with neon ink, including 4 additional cards
  • Fully custom tuck printed by Fresh Impressions with matte black tuck stock, debossing, and pigment foil
  • 2 way back design

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Evolving from the clean contemporary vibe of V1, ARW V2.1 uses controlled mayhem in the form of dynamic typographic pattern work, combined with bold neon arrows to make this a truly standard out cardistry deck. With redesigned pips and all new face cards, the deck still functions perfectly for game play and magicians too.

Maintaining the theme of direction, but giving it an energetic new look, just wait until you get it under a UV light and see how the deck comes even more to life, captivating your audience with flashes of colour in all your flourishes.

Also available with a USPCC tuck version; ARW V2 featuring neon ink, but still with the same cards, this a deck your spectator won’t be able to take their eyes off, and you won’t be able to put down!


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