Biome V1 Playing Cards by Cordeliart (Crushed Corners)


These have slight corner crushes.

  • Original illustrations on each card
  •  Limited first edition–once all 1,000 decks are sold out, that’s it!
  •  56 poker-sized cards (52 cards + 2 jokers + 2 info cards with species list)
  •  Printed by USPCC with high-quality card stock

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Biome V1 was born out of my love for animals and design. Every card is an art piece, as is every suit, as is every deck. Each suit features a unique color scheme to bring out the beauty of its respective ecosystem and the animals it is home to; as such, the Biome V1 deck is the wonders of the world (or at least four parts of it) tucked elegantly in a box.

Spades is the ocean: fish and dolphins and all the other weird sea creatures in combinations of oranges and blues. This suit, as per tradition, is also special: the unique Ace has its illustration in the negative space around the pip, unlike the other suits.

The Diamonds suit features animals from the forests and grasslands of Asia, with a color scheme of dark teal, terra cotta, and beige.

Hearts focuses on the vibrant creatures of tropical rainforests with a twist: I completely avoided using green, hence the color scheme consisting only of primary colors, white, and black.

Clubs stars animals from deserts around the world with shades of green, purple, and brown.


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