Copperhead 2020 V1 1st edition Blue Playing Cards by Legend


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Like running your hands over the scales of a snake, VIPER FINISH™  is named for the unique silky feel with a smooth, dry, yet slippery texture. This custom Legends card stock is the goldilocks of feel, handling, and durability.

As a bonus, VIPER FINISH™  is very thin, and highly resistant to changes in humidity. This aids magic techniques like breather crimps and helps prevent doubles visibly warping along the short ends of the deck. Additionally, they are more durable and resist that ‘pop’ in the deck when you fly or travel to a dry climate, or conversely, that soggy feeling standard decks get in humid climates like Singapore or Hong Kong. A truly new feeling card stock like nothing else on the market.

We hope these decks spark a bit of joy in your life, not only for how they look, but how they feel in your hands. Like the Pantone colors they represent, shuffle your way to a brighter and friendlier future!



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