Horizon Indecx Vol.1 Space Playing Cards by ITS team Deckidea


  • Printed by USPCC
  • ITS Team (South Korea)
  • 1st deck in the indecx series
  • 52 + 2 playing cards
  • Crushed Stock
  • It reflects the cultural exploration in the world of contemporary art.

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ITS Team is design company based in South Korea, Seoul.

Since 2015, we launched 17 kinds, over 23,000 decks to the world.

Our recent work was School of Cardistry V5 with The New Deck Order.

Design key of indecx series is connection between Typography and image.

We chose the magazine layout on tuck to express this ‘key’ of indecx series.

As the concept, Horizon is first issue of indecx series. Also, whole series will maintain the design frame of tuck box.

Back of Horizon deck is divided in two parts with oil bubble and black space.

54 fully customized back with 54 oil bubble images (includes 26 mirrored images).

Diversity in backs makes cardistry move more vibrant and visual.


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