Insecta – Ruby Deck Playing Cards by Immy Smith


Hey insect-loving friends! I’m quite a nerd about numbers, so I like sending out Insecta double decks in matching numbered pairs (can’t help it, not sorry.) However, I have sold slightly more Opal decks than Ruby ones. Why? I don’t know. I think the Ruby card back looks particulary fantastic – I mean look at my shiny jewel wasp babies! Anyway… It’s getting a bit vexing, so to even up the numbers I’ll be giving you a discount on single ruby decks until 1st Dec 2020 for helping me out here. Now please go and show my shiny red insect children some love, thank you

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Printed by Cartamundi in Belgium, Insecta is a 56-card fully illustrated poker deck, with an imaginary hand-drawn insect species on every card face. Insecta imagines what would happen if insects evolved a symbiotic relationship with players and collectors, carrying the suit symbols in exchange for a safe new habitat on card tables. The artwork for Insecta took around 2000 creative hours to draw and digitise. There are two colour variants of the deck – Opal & Ruby – with different card backs and tuck boxes.


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