Matcha Boba Playing Cards by BAOBAO


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Picture this: it’s a hot summer day. You’re walking around town and you stop by a bubble tea store. You order your go-to, a matcha bubble tea. With your first sip, the bittersweet coldness of matcha hits and you feel instantly refreshed. Then, a wave of summer nostalgia washes over you and you wish that you could share this feeling with your friends.

Guess what? Now you can! With our Matcha Boba Playing Cards, you can enjoy deliciously thirst-quenching fun with your friends together anywhere at any time! Whether you’re at the park, the beach, or over at a friend’s place with the A/C blasting, bring a deck of Matcha Boba Playing Cards to help you take on the heat this summer!

Now onto our most unique feature of this deck: the cup! What do we mean by “cup”? We’re talking about our specially designed plastic casing that comes with each and every deck! This plastic box not only serves as a cup, it also doubles as a protective layer for the more delicate paper box.

We included a little cut-out-like circle on the lid of the box to emulate the experience of poking a straw through, but it’s only for decor! Please don’t actually put a straw through!

Our well-thought-out packaging will for sure put a smile on your face, and you’ll be just as happy as the cute smiley face on the case!


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