Mystery Deck by Organic Playing Cards (OPC)


  • Snackers Blueberry Flavor – 12%
  • Snackers Blackberry Flavor – 1%
  • Slicers V2 Golden – 19%
  • Avo-Card-Os – 3%
  • Roasters – 4%
  • Gettin Saucy – 10%
  • Gettin Spicy – 20%
  • Shuckers – 6%
  • Peelers V4 – 20%
  • Exotic V1 – 6%

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Mystery Decks ARE BACK! With a brand new look as well! Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane! 2021 was an amazing year full of our community growing and awesome decks! If you missed out on a drop or you just heard about us, our yearly mystery deck is your chance to snag some Sold Out Decks! If you are extra lucky you might pull an EXOTIC V1! Here are the odds of pulling each deck below! Good luck!


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