The Graphic Cheatsheet Playing Cards by Dagan


  • Brainstorm Cards | 12x custom court cards for idea generation. [J/Q/K]
  •  Dual Colored Cards | 36x CMYK & RGB coded cards for a colour generation and colour matching. [2-10]
  •  Assist Cards | 4x Aces with various comm graphic design guidelines. [Aces]
  •  Grid | 2x Rulers in Imperial & Metric for scaling [Wild Cards]
  •  Swatches | 2x Color swatches for colour selection [Extra Cards]
  •  Seamless Display | Pixelated gradient coloured tuck box which seamlessly joins when next to each other.
  •  Custom Printed Seal | Each tuck box has a custom-designed seal.

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We started by jotting down a bunch of words to get inspiration and wrote them down on some paper (one idea per paper). We thought it would be fun to combine what we came up with, mix it up in a hat and randomly pick a few then only focussed on those parameters to see what we could come up with. The moment we started to combine the pieces of paper together, it hit us. Can this actually be integrated into a deck of cards? The Graphic Cheatsheet was born, the activity of idea generation became the outcome itself. Have a look to see what we came up with!


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