Time V Retro Edition (Marked) Playing Cards by Secret Factory


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Time marked decks are the 1st and 5th deck from the very limited (already sold out) – TIME Playing Cards(DELUXE SET)

They are extremely beautiful, that can be displayed on your shelf.

The 2 marked decks are little bit different from each other. For one of them (Standard Edition – sold separately), the face of the cards are normal. For the other (Retro edition), the face of the cards have no corner index – This is what the face of playing cards looked like hundreds years ago!

The marking systems are totally different from any other playing cards on the market. You can immediately identify ANY card by just a glance, easy to read and hard to detect.

1 review for Time V Retro Edition (Marked) Playing Cards by Secret Factory

  1. Albert Lee (verified owner)

    The pips are beautifully drawn and I love their spacing. The court cards, I think, are beautifully redrawn from historical images. This is a ravishing deck of cards, a pleasure to handle. Therefore, I really hate the fact that it will take extra effort to find out how the marking system works. Absolutely no indication in any marketing copy, and no clue provided with the deck itself. What’s the point??

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