Tucan Playing Cards Gold Gilded Playing Cards


Only 150 gilded decks made
100% custom artwork
Printed by US Playing Card Co
Classic stock with embossed “Magic” finish
Custom tuck box
2 gaff cards included
Individually-numbered custom sticker seal

In stock

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This is an ultra-limited gilded edition of the Tucán playing cards. Only 150 decks are available. Stunning gold foil edges give a touch of elegance and shine to the deck. Each deck has an individually-numbered sticker seal to protect your treasure.

The toucan is a living mascot of the Mayan rainforests. This beautiful, iconic bird is celebrated in the brand new Tucán playing cards from Penguin Magic.

Join us on a trip to Central America with this 100% custom deck featuring toucans and Mayan symbols on the back design. The symbols include Muyal (Cloud), Ja’ (Water), Chan (Sky), K’in (Sun), and Witz (Mountain).

All of the court cards and number cards have been created from scratch with eye-catching designs and gorgeous colors. The Jokers are representations of Baldzam, the ritual performers who provided entertainment and social commentary. All of the cards are protected in a custom tuck box with a custom sticker seal.

Crafted in the USA on Classic stock with embossed Magic finish by the United States Playing Card Company, Tucán playing cards are printed using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates on FSC-certified paper sourced from sustainable forests. This means the cards not only shuffle, fan, and spread perfectly for all of your favorite games & tricks, they’re made with the environment in mind!


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