About Us

One of the spectacular things about collecting something is the journey to the depths of the rabbit hole you don’t realize you’re in.

At first, you’re just looking for a gift for a friend, let’s say a deck of cards…
You find some cool ones (and pick them up) but you feel like there’s more to be seen, and still don’t have a set for that friend.

You start to find more sites with more interesting designs (you purchase a few more). One night, the next week, you’re up until 1am reading forums and looking at auctions (and procure a few more).

Then over the next few weeks you’re deep enough to discover the artists, graphic designers and other talents creating this art (and curate some of theirs for yourself also).

Finally you’re so deep you realize you want to help support these artists and designers and want to build a site for collectors by a full blown collector.

That’s how X-decks was created. (I never did decide on a deck for that friend I was looking for by the way.)