11th Hour Playing Cards by Emilysleights52 (SIGNED)


Emily told us she normally charges $25 to sign her decks but we helped each other out and now we can offer our collectors a great deal on all our signed E52 decks!!!

Marked playing cards that hold hidden symbolism, manufactured by USPCC

*Collab with Bill Davis Magic*

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11th Hour: “A point in time that is nearly too late.”

Manufactured by USPCC, this marked deck holds a ton of hidden symbolism. 11th Hour is printed on standard Bicycle card stock with air cushion finish while the velvet-soft, black vellum tuck has bronze foil inside and out. The colors of the courts are changed to a classy, deep red and a beautiful bronze. All courts are holding pocket watches, frozen at 11:11. The back design holds a marking system within traditional, thick borders. In each deck, an ad card features the designers and explains the marking system. There is a gorgeous Ace of Spades and two jokers that have reveals.


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