2019 Old Ironsides – Standard


Old Ironsides is inspired by one of my favorite long-ships from US Naval History – the USS Constitution. This is my tribute to both the actual ship and to the War Series deck, “Dreadnaught”, that The United States Playing Card Company produced during the WWI.

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Old Ironsides, Noble Train, Peter Dash Flash, and the future Sherman Tank deck are four decks in a series of decks inspired by USPCC’s War Time series that was printed and released in the early 20th century around WWI. Each of the original decks looked very similar but featured a different arm of U.S. military might – Air, Land, and Sea. My series does the same, featuring Old Ironsides (sea), Noble Train (land), Peter Dash Flash (air), and The Sherman (land).

The Old Ironsides deck were printed By The United States Playing Card Company


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