3DOTDECK Playing Card Crewneck Sweatshirts (XL) by Joe Feldpausch


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We ship all our standard size decks in one of our free deck protectors for their safety and your piece of mind!

Plus, orders of 4, 6 or 10 decks will ship in Cardware collection boxes!

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The 3DOTDECK crewneck sweatshirts feature an understated design which serves to compliment the bold and visually striking design of the cards (in addition to the overall vision of the project). The front features the 3DOTDECK wordmark, description, and supporting graphic. The passage states, “The 3DOTDECK is a set of 55 playing cards designed for the artform of cardistry, where creative expression is showcased through shuffling a deck of cards”. These crewneck sweatshirts are available in all sizes and will be made from a premium, Cotton Heritage material (so they’re super comfortable, you’re definitely going to need one).


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