Ace Fulton’s Phoenix Casino (Tobacco Tea) Playing Cards


These are the BLACK LIMITED counterpart to the Arizona Red Phoenix–grab a pair and be set for life.



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This is the LIMITED EDITION alternate tuck of Phoenix. Printed on WHEAT–which gives the appearance of tobacco stained paper. This is the ultimate ode to card box printing and a love letter to the finest paper one can find. Only 100 of these exist and this paper is sadly not made any longer.

A true collectors item sure to gain appreciation with age.

“Where summer winters, and devil’s advocate is a way of life”

-Ace Fulton

The consensus is Ace Fulton was double dipping in the world of casinos. Skirting any and all Arizona Gaming Laws, Ace set up his love letter to the Valley of the Sun–Fulton’s Phoenix. It is here that the high limit room, known simply as the “Thunderbird Room” houses his prized collection of pottery and Kachina Dolls.

In this long awaited follow up to Ace Fulton’s Casino, Brad Fulton has once again worked with the legendary Daniel Phillips to reinvigorate the casino card genre–one they brought to life in the world of custom playing cards a decade ago.

Phoenix is a borderless casino back inspired by the distinctive aesthetic of the American Southwest. Housed in a tuck completely letterpressed by Clove Street Press. This tuck is printed on out-of-print, recycled wheat paper that will surely get you going.

“If you can’t cool down in here, you must be a Sun Devil.”

-Ace Fulton


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