Agenda Red Premium Edition Playing Cards (of 750) by Bicycle


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The danger of hidden agendas and ulterior motives serves as the key focus for these gorgeous fully-customized Agenda Red Playing Cards, an innovative release offered as part of the Agenda Playing Cards Series.

When you make a statement that differs from the actual thought in your mind, it doesn’t matter what your intentions are. Whether you’re just shy about sharing your opinions or want to mislead others, at the end of the day, everything you said is not genuine. It is just a facade.

Agenda Red Playing Cards are a stunning metaphorical representation of these facades we all put up. This concept has been mastefully infused into every element of the card design, particularly the masks used on the all new Aces and Court Cards.

Two incredible versions of Agenda Red Playing Cards are Available:

The Agenda Red Basic Edition features a stunning golden yellow and red color scheme and is printed by the USPCC on quality bicycle stock with a traditional cut and magic finish. Each deck comes sealed in a remarkable tuck case with a fully-customized foil stamp.

The Agenda Red Premium Edition features all of these same highlights, as well as an enhanced tuck case crafted with remarkable red cotton paper and accented with letter-pressed white ink and gold hot-foil stamping. The 100% original seal is also custom-numbered, marking its print position in the limited run of just 750 decks for these highly-collectable Agenda Red Premium Edition Playing Cards.


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