Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo Playing Cards (Signed Artist Proof AP)


Printed by the US Playing Card Co. on thin crushed “Buck Twin” card stock–these marvels handle like a dream for late night card games and Cardistry.

Designed by Brad Fulton in collaboration with Dan & Dave Buck.

Officially Licensed Product of Alfred Hitchcock

Officially Licensed Product of Alfred Hitchcock.

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Only 52 of these are signed by Brad Fulton and feature the “Fultons Limited” seal which is letterpressed in gold foil.

These officially licensed Vertigo Playing Cards are sure to leave your head spinning.

Completely custom designed-these cards celebrate the iconic film by the greatest director of all time. Each court card is designed as a title card to pay tribute to the great Saul Bass who designed the iconic “Vertigo Spiral” and the gripping title sequence.


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