Altered World Portal V2 Pink Playing Cards by Eric Ang


  •  Printed by Kspcc, Premium crushed stock
  •  Fulfillment by the Gambler warehouse
  •  Customized Numbered Seals
  •  Static Visual Illusion
  •  Special Cards – Craft 3D Cubic Characters
  •  Silver Foiled Joker
  •  Impossible Shapes embedded in every graphic designs
  • Pink Edition: 5000 Limited Edition

In stock

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The more you look, the more you see.

The more you see, the less you know.

Welcome to the re-imagined Altered World.

All 4 of them are designed in a revolutionary way, combining features of playing card and geometric art.

 Ace of Spade     – RESONANCE

 Ace  of Heart     –  VARIATION

 Ace  of Club       –  PLIGHT

 Ace of Diamond-  RESTORATION

There are many optical illusions in the card back. You can find them from bridges, cubes, triangles and spheres.

The court cards are the delightful sugar in the Altered World deck. Traditionally, the 12 court cards in a deck represent 4 Kings, 4 Queens, and 4 Knights from history. We redesigned them as cubic characters in the altered world, recreated their clothes, colors, and expressions while keeping their historical personas.

King David (King of Spades) is represented by a crowned character with 10 commandments engraved on him

King of Hearts (King Charles), due to the evolution of the playing cards history, been known as the suicide king, has the feature of the sword penetrating his head.

Queen of Spades (Athena), known as the Olympian goddess of wisdom and war, the redesign shows her characteristics from another view


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