Arsenal Series: Zeus/Thunder Classic (Gilded) Playing Cards by Card Mafia


  • Each edition (Classic and Deluxe) is limited to only 399 gilded decks
  • The Thunder Classic Edition will be hand gilded with Gold Foil on the edge of the deck
  • The Thunder Deluxe Edition will be hand gilded with Holographic Gold Foil on the edge of the deck
  • Each deck from both editions will come with a special foiled number seal

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THUNDER & BIDENT Gilded Playing Cards! Limited to 399 Decks

The Classic Edition will use the three foils above and one more EXTRA Holographic Gold Foil on the center of the Thunder Logo to give it a polished look and smooth yet textured feel.

The Classic Edition features a foiled number seal on each deck, limited to 2500. This makes the classic edition a versatile addition to your collection as you can show off the deck in your card routines or flourishes and on your card display.

The faces of the Thunder Decks are redesigned to give off one of the most epic feelings yet! By utilizing the classic and elegant look of golden lines, the entire deck flows with lightning flowing throughout.

The court cards are again featured with the twelve Olympian Gods and Goddesses. We have revamped the artwork of the Olympian Gods on the twelve court cards to give it a more exquisite and mighty look under the influence of the mighty Zeus. They are illustrated with elegant gold lines emphasizing their fierce weapons and glimmering silver eyes.

Unlike other weapons in the Arsenal Series, Zeus’s Thunderbolt is more than just a weapon; it is a source of power and symbolizes his mighty energy. The Ace of Spades features the Thunderbolt in full power with Gold Ink passing through.

The Ace of Hearts features the eagle figure, which is one of Zeus’s symbols in Greek Mythology. The giant scepter and wreath in the Ace of Clubs indicated Zeus’s usual attributes. Lastly, the Ace of Diamonds features Prometheus passing the torch he stole from Zeus to mankind.

Rather than sticking with the typical spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs, this deck of cards features the use of different shapes to reinvent the suit symbols, giving an advanced, technological feel to the cards. We reinterpreted the suits with grey and gold to replace the conventional black and red colorway. Behind the suit symbols of each number card, a faint yet distinguishing background was added to intensify the superiority of these cards.


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