Aurum Deus Playing Cards by Encarded


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NOTE: Top part of the cellophane has been removed by the artist to place the numbered seal.

In 2012, Encarded released Aurum, our second deck which was inspired by the design of Venice, Italy. Featuring rich purple and metallic gold tones, with intricate detail and “purposeful imperfection” Aurum has gone on to become a coveted collector deck. Available in 3 versions, all have become almost impossible to find, with the rarest Laser Cut Edition often trading for $500+.

When designing Aurum, the original vision for the design eclipsed what was possible to print at the time. Luckily, with advances in foil and printing techniques we can finally see the shimmer, reflection and detail that we imagined back in 2012. Aurum Deus is a completely new design, but takes the original Aurum and expands on it while infusing true reflective gold into the visual aspects.

Aurum Deus is a limited edition release of 1000 decks. Each will feature an intricate foil backed design, custom face art, a pearlescent white, purple and gold box with custom cutout windows that combines the aspects of the original Aurum versions, and a uniquely shaped and hand numbered seal.


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