Bastet the Cat – Ancient Goddess Bronze Foil Playing Cards by Charmie Dreams The Cat


Minimal design of Black Cat and Egyptian art with luxury UV bronze foil playing card. Play it and send our good will to universe!

  • For Poker Collector: 3D Embossing Bronze-golden Foil Playing Cards.
  •  For Egyptian art lover: First playing card illustrating ancient Egyptian goddess – Bastet. Minimal Flat & Line-art style ancient Egyptian illustration.
  •  For New Ager: Wish Card design for sending our good will to universe and bless for 2021.
  •  For Cat Lover: Mixed art of Black Cat moves/icons and ancient Egyptian-wall painting. Deck are filled with cute and elegant black cats illustrations.

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What and why is Bastet?

Bastet is a cat-headed goddess and “Eye of Ra” in Ancient Egypt, she protects people from chaos, especially she is the goddess of protection against contagious diseases and evil spirits.

2020 is a very tough year for many people, also for me too. The power of human is little but I still believe our will is strong. I hope Bastet is here to protect us from any Chaos and Virus we are suffering today, and restore the balance and happiness to the world.

“More people wills to goddess, more powerful she is!” 

I design this set of playing card is to hope more people play card with this Will  & Faith, and deliver this message to the universe strongly. Now, I wish everyone good health and we will get a healthy and peaceful 2021!


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