Bastet Vol.II Gold Gilded Vault of Bastet Collector Box


  • Enamel & 3D Crystal Pins with antique matt golden plated.
  • Magical and Occult Egyptian Symbols & Graphics.
  • Approx. 2.5cm to 3cm pin size best for clothes and bag.
  • Neat modern art is good for mix-n-match fashion everyday.

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BASTET PAW – Heal and Intimacy / Bastet is the goddess of protection and care. Her hand like every paw of cats has fabulous healing effect on human wound and grief, in both physical and mental sides. And remind us how warm a gentle touch means.

I AM BASTET – Courage & Positivity / Talk to the image of Bastet and possess her courage to love and care others.

QUEEN BASTET – Heal and Intimacy / Be the queen Bastet and show the honest, the unconditional love and care to others, or vice versa.

EYE OF HORUS – Wisdom & Recovery / Eye of Horus is a well-known Egyptian symbol of wisdom to criticise and spiritual recovery. The cat eye in the triangle means insight and enlightenment to occult force.


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