Bicycle Anne Stokes Dark Hearts Playing Cards by USPCC


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Anne Stokes Playing cards

Didn’t think Bicycle® could do gothic fantasy? Think again. Bicycle® presents our newest decks: the Anne Stokes Collection Dark Hearts Deck and the Alchemy England Deck, featuring the fantasy art of Anne Stokes and Alchemy1977.Anne Stokes and Alchemy1977 designed all 52 cards for their respective decks, meaning each card features unique design. The classic suit symbols are now jewels or intricate cogwork, while the court cards feature colorful characters and scenes. It’s a new experience in every shuffle.


These cards would look right at home on the back of a leather jacket, as a new tattoo, or splashed on the soundboard of your Les Paul.

Alchemy1977, a company known for its alternative jewelry, games, clothing, and collectibles, designed every individual card for this unique deck. You’ll see skulls, fantasy and steampunk characters, intricately designed suit symbols, and more with every shuffle.

The Alchemy England Deck features original artwork on the front and back of each card. The decks were printed in the USA at the United States Playing Card Company and printed on premium stock with a quality finish.

These decks are fresh and wrapped in cellophane. The card faces are regular index and are poker size, with Bicycle Air Cushion finish.

Bicycle is the best deck of cards manufactured in USA. The cards are poker size and are casino quality making it easy to spread or fan them out. This deck of cards is perfect for games, collectors, as well as magic tricks.












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