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We introduce the, for now final, iteration of the BLRD deck. The BLRD RED deck. By combining the minimalist look of the BLK edition with the elegance of the foiled GOLD edition, the RED edition strikes a perfect balance between the celebratory GOLD versions and the BLK worker version of the BLRD deck

The BLRD RED edition features a truly stunning embossed and red foiled tuck. The decks contain a clever reveal within the tuck that shows by using the light on your cell phone. After a limited 4000-deck first edition release, a second edition of the BLRD RED deck will be released later this year as our second always-in-stock magic deck*.

Based on a clever optical illusion, the ‘reader’ system is easy to learn and challenging to spot. The BLRD system allows for a deceptively fast read of the value and suit of each playing card. That is why these decks are sold for entertainment purposes only.

This first edition will be printed on Viper Finish from Legends Playing Card Co., this ultra-thin, soft card stock is engineered to be long-lasting and handle smoothly in varying climates. Designed for working magicians, Viper Finish provides a premium feel, handling, and durability.


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