Blue Philtre Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle x Nick Vlow


The Blue Philtre Playing Cards are printed by USPCC with their crushed Bee Stock. Limited to 2500 Decks.

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We’re bringing back a highly requested and elegant deck of cards, but this time, in blue

The Gold Metallic Ink complements the blue back to offer you a sleek look to bring you a versatile deck of cards! The sophisticated back design allows for this deck to be used in magic performances but also outlines the moves performed in flourishes.

Manufactured by USPCC with Bee Casino QualityCrushed Stock, and Air-Cushion Finish. The Blue Philtre is Limited to 2500 Decks with No Reprints. And it’s fully MARKED. This is without a doubt a deck that will serve you well whenever you need it!

Each deck also contains TWO Gaff Cards that allow you to perform the effect below. To help you master this effect, we will be providing you with a video tutorial and the link to this tutorial can be found here.

Named after the love potion in ancient Greek, the Philtre playing cards are designed to create a level of affection that is enhanced the longer you use it. The antique yet intricate art is our take on a mesmerizing yet simple deck that’s perfect for the use of magicians, cardists and collectors.



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