Botanica Special Edition (Gilded) Playing Cards by Curio


  • Printed by LPCC with Viper Finish
  • Two Tuck Foils
  • Tuck Embossing
  • Purple Inner Tuck Foil
  • Bottom Numbered Sticker Seal (number will be random)
  • One Back Design with Purple Hot Foil
  • Custom One-Way Courts
  • Metallic Ink on Faces
  • 52 cards plus 2 Jokers, Creative Card, and Double Backer
  • 1000 printed
  • Purple Gilded Edges
  • Designed to fit inside a beautiful hand-painted deck sleeve (not included)

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This will grow on you.

The Botanica Special Edition GILDED Deck features incredible illustrations that showcase our connection to this earth. This project welcomes the return of Amal Nur Karim and her talented art style.


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