Circlegame Impossible Bottle Playing Cards by Nihilism


Also add Inner printing and Matte lamination inside the box, to make it more durable.

  • Craft Details
  • Box Matte lamination
  • Box Inner printing
  • Box Embossing
  • Handmade box
  • Matte paper box


As usual, there are always surprises when you open a new deck.

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“NIHILISM” was founded in October, 2018, committed to publish minimalist and stylish playing cards. Using an iconic “X” as logo, I distributed first edition deck with the same name “NIHILISM” and launched in June, 2019, funded in 4 hours and reached over 1 million when closure.

Now, let me present to you the latest, exclusive crowdfunding deck – CIRCLEGAME.

When I started learning cardistry, Tally-Ho was always my top choice to practice, especially circle-back version. Circle design creates very excellent visual effects in dynamics and always loved by cardists. Just like our slogan “Keep it simple, make it real”, this will be the purest, simplest circle deck ever.

This deck is named “CIRCLEGAME” for two reasons. First, some series decks published many different versions but only with changed colors. In cardistry community we call it “color game”.  I call this “circle game” now because circle designs are very good for flourishes and various circle decks come out every year.


As the slogan ”Keep it simple, make it real”goes, the back design is quite simple with only an “O” on it. The size matches “X”,  so they are a special dual set. In particular, this deck is the only one deck that is not “X” series.

Ace of spade is separated by “O”, maintaining the unified aesthetics of the series.

  • Court Cards

Court cards use the classic designs from NIHILISM. Because this deck is exclusive of  X series, the X on corners were taken off. Leaving incomparable void, the ultimate nihility.


Box will use the same crafts as NIHILISM, darker, rich texture matte paper box, emboss on white parts. Also many different interesting words wait for you to discover.

  • Stock

This deck will be crafted by the finest paper from HCPC – Vintage Stock, a paper that can make you addicted immediately. NIHILISM was the first deck that used this paper in 2019, and it has received a lot of positive feedback. This paper is very thin, flexible and durable. Similar to the Crashed Stock popular in USPCC in recent years, but its cutting edges will not be so rough. The smooth edges give you an excellent experience yet still very easy to do faro shuffle.


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