Collectible Gatorback Signed Silver & Green Set Playing Cards by David Blaine / RedBlackInc


Included in a 2 deck acrylic display case:
1 Signed Silver Gatorback deck
1 Green Foil Gatorback deck

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This will be the only release ever of the autographed Silver Gatorbacks. David Blaine signed 750 decks, which were then factory sealed by the United States Playing Card Company with a red tear strip to protect the authenticity of David’s signature.

We’ve included an exceptional and limited Green Foil Gatorback deck with each Signed Silver deck to show our appreciation to those supporting our founding sale.

The Green Foil Gatorbacks are the rarest printing of any David Blaine deck to date, with only 750 ever to be sold. Included on the Queen of Spades is a new reveal.

Only 750 of these highly collectable sets will be available. Given limited availability, neither of these decks will ever be sold again. These highly limited decks are a must-have for collectors.


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