Cyberpunk Origin Deluxe Gilded 1 of 150 Laser Playing Cards by Acelion


SUPER LIMITED EDITION: Only 150 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. Serial numbered.

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SUPER LIMITED LASER EDITION: Only 150 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

True magnificence starts now with Cyberpunk Origin Deluxe Gilded Playing Cards.

Welcome to new Asgard.

Cyberpunk: Origin is a mythical epic style playing card that combines magic and science fiction elements, and its worldview was adapted by the Acelion team based on Nordic mythology.

In the Nordic mythology, the final decisive battle launched by the gods, giants and monsters directly led to the death of the world and the birth of a new world. It can be said that it is a famous battle in Nordic mythology that shocked the world and sobbed for ghosts and gods. Called “the final chapter of myth” by later generations, the scene described by the most miserable battle in the history of myth has reached the critical point of human imagination at that time.
Cyberpunk: Origin is about the gods after dusk.

In this laser gilded version, the front of the card box will use a more laser like material, which will make the color more colorful in the light, while the circuit elements on the back of the card box will all present laser dazzle color!

The side of the card is also made of laser gilding. Feel the light of this holy land!

Laser version of the brand back and standard version is completely different, laser version of the card back is laser gilding circuit!

SUPER gorgeous!


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