Delirium Absolute Playing Cards by Thirdway


  • Super limited: 777 made
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Premium stock
  • Metallic inks on cards
  • Premium paper tuckbox
  • Gold and Azure foil on front tuckbox
  • Embossing
  • Gold foil inside the tuckbox

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Delirium Prism was the only deck printed from the 2014 KS campaign, and after almost 4 years I’ve decided to launch a campaign to complete the series with the missing two decks, improving Delirium Insomnia and revealing the mysterious third deck: Delirium Ascension. There is also a Collector’s Edition of Delirium Ascension available, Delirium Absolute.

Delirium is strongly inspired by the classic french playing cards, making it perfect for cardistry and magic.

The Lost Decks will be printed in USA with USPCC, and will have a lot of different features compared to the first “Prism” version: new backs, new cards and new boxes.


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