Diamon Playing Cards N°14 Purple Star Playing Cards by Dutch Card House


  • 52 poker-size playing cards
  • Printed by the USPCC
  • Premium Bicycle stock, air-cushion finish
  • Traditional cut
  • Crushed stock
  • Thin white borders
  • 100% custom design back and faces
  • Blank face card
  • Double backer
  • One time print run (2500 decks)

In stock

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Diamon Playing Cards never fails to surprise! Like the previous editions, Diamon Playing Cards N°14 by the Dutch Card House Company is a vivid deck crafted for Cardistry and Card enthusiasts. The contrasting bright colors will make fan, flourish, and shuffle outstanding.

The all-new Diamon deck features a composition of the color ranging from banana to canary yellow and from amethyst to eggplant purple hues.

Much of what you know and love about the Diamon deck series has remained the same. No.14 features the same small border-bleeding arrow that folds over the edge of every card, allowing for awesome spreads and fans!

The pips are consistent with the Diamond pattern found on the back to create a harmonious deck of cards. Overall, Nº14 is fully custom, complete with custom-designed aces and court cards. This is probably the most striking Diamon Playing Cards in the series!


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