Divination (Black) Playing Cards by Midnight Cards


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DIVINATION BLACK PLAYING CARDS: The secrets of the occult inspired the design of the Divination decks.

The Divination BLACK Deck features a classic spirit board design, and a Death’s-head hawkmoth is depicted in the design. The moth’s skull-like marking on its thorax is traditionally seen as an omen of death.

The court cards were created using antique photos of men and women from the late 1800s or early 1900s. The courts for the Divination BLACK Deck are composited with elements of the back card and the classic ouija spirit design. The court cards emanate an ethereal and celestial vibe throughout. The Ace of Spades features a skull and a mix of the compositional elements from the Back Card design.

The non-matching Jokers feature two sets of couples (one standing and one sitting in each instance). Custom PIPS are included in the design. The gold Diamonds and Hearts feature the pentagram and a pair of snakes. The white Clubs and Spades depict the pentagram and the skull-like marking from the Death’s-head hawkmoth.

The Divination BLACK Deck is a perfect conversation starter for your next game night!


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