Doctor Strange V2 (Paper) Mirror Dimension Playing Cards by Card Mafia


‘- One-of-a-kind Tuck Case featuring the Eye of Agamotto
– Innovative Opening/Closing System that Triggers the LED
– Officially licensed by Disney with Anti-counterfeit Hologram Label.
– Features a finely tailored GREEN, GOLD & WHITE Hot Foils.
– The Center of the LED lights up in ORANGE showcasing the Eye of Agamotto
– Newly innovated tuck case featuring a unique opening/closing system.
– LED Lights last more than 100,000 Seconds. With a fully upgraded easy battery-replacement system.
– Printed by the Taiwan Playing Card Company with their Legendary Finish. Made for professionals with casino quality.

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Get ready to enter the enchanting world of Stephen Strange, a.k.a Doctor Strange, with our Doctor Strange V2 Mirror Dimension Playing Cards. Our unique deck of cards is inspired by Doctor Strange’s multiversal variant, featuring intricate designs and mystical artifacts that are beautifully captured in our deck of cards.

Our deck of cards comes with an innovative tuck case design that captures the essence of Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto. The tuck case also features a unique opening and closing system that triggers the suit’s LED lights, adding to the overall excitement and intrigue of the game. The LED lights up to orange, activating the suit’s “mystic powers”, which is sure to immerse you and your friends in a spellbinding game of cards.

At Card Mafia, we take pride in creating high-quality products that are officially licensed by Disney. Our Doctor Strange V2 Mirror Dimension Playing Cards come with an anti-counterfeit hologram label that ensures authenticity, giving you peace of mind that you are purchasing a genuine product. The cards are made with finely tailored black and gold hot foils, which add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the deck.

Our Doctor Strange V2 Mirror Dimension Playing Cards are printed by the Taiwan Playing Card Company, known for their legendary finish and casino-quality products. Our deck of cards is made for professionals and will exceed your expectations with its durability and reliability. The LED lights in the cards last for more than 100,000 seconds, and the battery replacement system is fully upgraded, making it easy to replace the batteries when needed. Batteries are included with the deck, so you can start playing right away.


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