Eminence Obsidian Edition Playing Cards by Jody Eklund


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The Eminence Playing Card Obsidian Edition is a fully custom deck of royal playing cards inspired by elegance and royalty. Eminence, like its definition, is positioned in the realm of prominence and superiority among the playing card world.

DESIGNED by Black Ink Branded, which is a name that has become a go-to-brand among the playing card enthusiasts. The creator of over 18 successfully funded Kickstarters, they exude quality and eminence with all of their playing cards.

Tuck Box  |  A work of art in itself, the EMINENCE tuck box is made from a premium card stock with a matte finish and finished with a satin gold hot foil stamp and strategic embossing.

Aces  |  All of the Aces are Large and embellished with Gold metallic inks. The Ace of spades has the unique distinction of being the most decorated ace in the deck.

Jokers | The Jokers depict a custom vintage illustration of a fool juggling different colored balls. Both cards are made to be somewhat different from one-another by reversing the image and using some red accent on one of the cards. Both cards are beautifully decorated with gold accents.


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