Entropy Playing Cards by Vermilion Collection


  • Size: 88×63mm, 56 sheets
  • Material: German black core paper
  • Structure: 3 layers of the black core
  • Process: air layer embossing
  • Stamping overlock
  • Edge banding embellishment color

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Cardistry can very often be seen as the artistic handling of a deck of cards. This juggling of 52 pieces of paper can look similar to the transition from order to chaos and back again. It is this similarity that inspires this deck. Just like the name “Entropy.”

Entropy is a scientific concept, first defined in the mid-nineteenth century by German physicist Rudolph Clausius, one of the founders of thermodynamics. Entropy, simplified, is the measure of spontaneous energy, uncertainty or randomness.

The art of the cardistry brings the cards alive: from order to chaos, then back to hand in order again. The impact of the order and disorder matches the concept of entropy.

With the understanding of entropy, we added the idea to the card set. With the abstract linear artwork and the cardistry design, the cards are left wishing both a chaotic but powerful appearance.


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