Eva Red Rose Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni/Thirdway Industries


  • Red gilding on cards
  • Just 100 made – Sealed and numbered
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Custom tuckbox: Red/Purple foil on premium soft touch red paper
  • Tuckbox contrast change a lot if exposed to direct light (check gallery!)
  • Embossing
  • Metallic ink on cards
  • Includes one extra joker
  • J,Q,K cards are women
  • Eva Original Cards (white background, 2017 edition)

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The story of Eva Red Rose

My “Original” Eva Deck was made in 2017 by USPCC Cards + Clove St. Press Boxes, assembled by Gambler’s Warehouse.

USPCC always overproduce, and, even if I asked Clove St Press to made more boxes to be safe, I had a surplus of 100 decks with a blank boxes.

100 usually are too few to use: made a custom box have a high setup cost and and I don’t like made too limited editions. I’ve asked Gamblers Warehouse to keep the decks anyways, I might had an idea to use them somehow.

When I made Eva Noire/Paradis (2019), I’ve decided to do a crazy thing: gild the cards and made 100 limited boxes – the result is Eva Red Rose, the red-gilded version of one of my favourite decks I’ve designed.


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