Firework Half Brick Collector Box by Riffle Shuffle/Tyler Pate (Empty)


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Caution of explosion! Have you ever wondered how fireworks are ignited? Well, you place the firework — fuse up — on the ground and carefully light the fuse and get away to a certain distance to watch the firework show. At the moment of fireworks exploding, did you have your loved ones beside you, just feeling blessed to spend this beautiful moment with your loved ones? Well, we are to introduce a deck that takes you to reminisce about the times you spend with your loved ones, wandering on the lakeshore, enjoying the view with the warm breeze gently brushing your cheeks, and watching the fireworks show!

The Fireworks Playing Cards are Limited to 2500 Decks. Designed by Tyler Pate. Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company with Metallic Inks & Bee Crushed Stock. 


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