FLWR Luxury Playing Cards by Todd Weatherhead


  • Printed by the world’s leading playing card manufacturer United States Playing Card Company. 
  • One-time print run, 2500* decks.
  •  Poker Size for familiarity and comfort.
  •  Premium thin crushed card stock.
  •  Embossed Card Finish for superior handling.
  • 56 cards. 
  • 2 jokers and 2 gaff cards included.
  • Marked two way back.
  • Fully custom deck and tuck.
  • Numbered seals.

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We are pleased to introduce a deck of cards inspired by magic, spiritual teachings of sacred geometry and artistic insight into the flow of the universe. A deck that is designed to be opened and worked. We hope it becomes your daily shuffle.

Our story is of sacred geometry and a magical momentum that governs our lives. Known as flow.

As we awaken each day, our eyes behold a great sight. A dance of light, matter, geometry and shapes. All arranged in a perfect formation and moving together seamlessly. Forming patterns, symmetry and vibrations. Then our spirit kick in and some magical force pushes us from within. To move with life, in the magical momentum known as flow.


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