Form X Seers Playing Cards Printed by Dominic Perry


As this is a collaboration, we wanted to appeal to Cardists and magicians alike. That’s why we included features like:

  • Air Cushion Finish
  • Printed by the USPCC
  • Stylish fanning design
  • Easily recognizable Pips
  • Beautiful in blue tuck box

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We ship all our decks in one of our free plastic deck protectors for their safety and your peace of mind!

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Hi, I’m Dom. I’m also Form Playing Cards (AKA Formation Cardistry). Playing cards have been a part of my life for over 15 years and continue to be an inspiration to me today. I have always wanted my own deck and I hope to continue producing them. I am setting up a store currently to sell my decks and maybe others in the future, so follow the link and sign up to be notified when it goes live! I also have an Instagram and would love for you to follow me on this journey!


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