Freyja Limited Edition (Numbered) Walhalla Playing Cards by Noir Arts


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Walhalla is the German form of Old Norse Valh?ll, which is commonly anglicized as Valhalla. In Norse mythology, Valhalla is an enormous and majestic hall in Asgard, presided over by Odin.

Described as a “warrior’s paradise”, it is here that the souls of those who are slain in battle go, chosen and guided by the Valkyries, a group of warrior maidens in service to Odin. Once they are there, these e?nherjar, as they are known, make revelry, as they feast on the beast known as S?hr?mnir, having their fill of mead made from the udders of the female goat Hei_r?n. The feast is prepared by Andhr?mnir (Old Norse: “the one exposed to soot”), the cook of the gods, in his cauldron, Eldhr?mnir (Old Norse: “fire-sooty”).

Outside of Valhalla’s doors lies Glasir (Old Norse: “gleaming”), a massive tree that grows golden leaves, while its ceiling is adorned with golden shields. The tree L?ra_r stands atop the great hall, where both Hei_r?n and the stag Eik_yrnir (Old Norse: “oak-thorny”) graze its foliage. During Ragnar?k, the e?nherjar will aid Odin in his battle against Surtr and his forces.

Freyja Deck is made of black soft touch tuck box, embossed, with special Merlot Red foil and selective varnish applied, to outline design elements. Freyja deck’s cards are designed in silver and gold metallic inks, with black background:


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