Fulton Plaid Playing Cards (Lucky Green Tuck Edition)



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The famed “Lucky Green” Tuck Edition of the Fulton Plaid. Only 150 Made–all complete with a custom pressed “037 Spade Seal” that signifies that this is in the limited CLUB 37 Series of scarce decks. These are printed on long out of stock matcha green paper–Fulton’s Favorite.

There’s nothing like a classic plaid back of playing cards. Since the beginning of time this iconic pattern has been a favorite of card users and collectors alike.

Fulton reached back to the “old country” as his grandfather called it and filled these beautiful decks with icons and inspiration from the origin of plaid across the pond.

Printed by the US Playing Card Co on Cambric 37 Stock, these are sure to be a staple of any card fanatic.

When they’re gone they’re gone in this striking rendition.


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