Fulton Street (1958 Red Gilded Edition) Playing Cards


56 Playing Cards

Printed by WJPC in China on Cardistry Stock.

Embossed tuck box on premium matte paper.


These extremely limited Fulton Street Decks are sealed and gilded with the appropriate line.

This is the ultimate collector’s item of playing cards & transit ephemera. Custom seals dictate which line you have chosen and the cards are edge gilded in the matching color.

Show your pride. Which line represents you?

In stock

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The 1958 New York Subway Map began the modern era of a concise graphic system for the New York Subway System. George Salomon was so frustrated by the lack of a cohesive identity system as he traversed the subways that he proposed a way to organize the signage ¬†and maps. This deck of playing cards celebrates the monumental 1958 Subway Map designed by Salomon–which in turn inspired¬†the creation of the iconic Vignelli Map in 1972.

This deck of playing cards is officially licensed by the MTA in New York. It is completely custom–using graphics created by Salomon as well as face and ad cards designed by Brad Fulton based on “Out of the Labyrinth”, the manifesto proposed by Salomon to beautify the NYC Subway System.


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