GHOST OF KYIV Guardians of Ukraine Classic Yellow Playing Cards by 3rd Dominion


· Limited edition

· Produced in Ukraine by NPCC| Noir Arts with Premium Linen finish

· Classic tuckboxes design

· Deluxe foil (gold) on every tuckbox .

· Embossing for tuckboxes

· High-quality German card stock for cards

· Gold inks for cards

· Highly detailed, custom design of tuckboxes and playing cards

· Exclusive to Kickstarter backers

· Shipping in protective boxes

· Poker size

In stock

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Ghost of Kyiv: Guardians of the Ukraine playing cards are designed by Ukraine-based Andy Kurovets of 3rd Dominion. This fully custom deck is inspired by the Ukrainian pilot who’s assumed to be a myth and quickly became a symbol of resistance after the story of his bravery emerged during Moscow’s “military operation” in Ukraine.

Inside, the face cards are fully custom with modern pip designs, bold Ace of Spade, courts feature fighter pilots, and the Super Joker is the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. The cards are printed with gold metallic ink to give them a touch of luxury.

The deck sports the color of the Ukraine flag in yellow in a unique tuck box featuring 3 deluxe foils (gold, blue, and silver), embossed and unfolds when the tuck is opened. Printed by Noir Arts with Premium Linen finish.


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