Gold Tuck Vintage Back Midnight Fuel Fulton’s 10 Year Anniversary Playing Cards


Only 200 of these commemorative tucks were made, and will be made.

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Ace is going all out for the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the ORIGINAL Casino Cards from the modern era.

This FOOL’S GOLD LIMITED EDITION has a striking METALLIC GOLD TUCK–a shimmering statement to celebrate this important milestone of playing card design.

The VINTAGE BACK Ace Fulton is one of the original designs for the now legendary Ace Fulton’s, this time printed on the original MIDNIGHT FUEL Bordered Back with metallic silver and white highlighting the vintage back logo.

Each of these VINTAGE FUEL BACK Ace Fulton’s are housed in a special letterpressed tuck box complete with the silver emblem which is embossed on the back stating “TEN YEARS OF ACE FULTON.”

Printed on CRUSHED IVORY 37 stock by the USPCC, produced by the legendary duo, Dan & Dave. This special edition is sealed with the special FULTON’S LIMITED SEAL which is foiled in metallic gold and letterpressed in San Diego, CA.


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