Gourmets Gourmet Playing Cards by Alba Zapata x Riffle Shuffle


  • Limited edition of 2500 decks
  • Premium 330gsm matte finish black tuck case
  • Featuring copper & pink premium foils embossed on the tuck case
  • Each deck comes with a foiled seal

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Another beautiful deck from Alba Zapata in collaboration with Riffle Shuffle. Gourmet Playing Cards takes you on a delicious journey through Europe to find your favorite dish, from Portugal, Spain, Italy to Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, and England.

The fully custom deck features a mirrored card back showcasing the lovely sights of Europe and a pot of Paella in the center with shrimps and fish. The bold linework truly sets the narrative of the deck.

The gastro journey continues with the court cards with royals from various European countries. Each featuring local delicacies and specialties. For example, the King of Spades features Spanish Artist with bake fish skewers and Jack of Hearts, the charming gondolier from Venice showcasing Italian Pizza, Pasta, and Gelato.

The pips on the number of cards have been meticulously transformed into a lovely art nouveau style with decorative elements. Good balance especially with the details of the court cards. The Ace of Spades sports a luxurious design incorporating the starts of the European Union and the fork and knife icon to remind you of the gastro journey.

The deck is kept secure in a stunning black matte tuck box with pink and copper foil, embossed, and interior print. The artwork of the tuck is incredibly detailed with a mountain skyline, the skyline of a town square, bottle, wine glasses, sea waves, and much more for you to discover!

Includes an 2nd nine of hearts in a matching envelope.

2020 Release


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