Heal the World Playing Cards by Reflect Playing Cards by Edo Huang


  • Printed by USPCC
  • Fulfilled by Gamblers Warehouse
  • 1,000 Print run on premium stock, Stretch goal for 2,500 premium crushed
  • Recolored standard faces
  • Designed by Edo Huang
  • Pantone Colors
  • Profits from decks sold after campaign donated to a great cause

In stock


How much of an impact can the card community make? That is the question that I had over a year ago and have been working on this project ever since! Originally, I was planning on donating the funds to the World Health Organization. However, I then got the news that one of my good friends, Kaylee Coffing, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kaylee has always been such a kind and authentic person to everyone. It made sense to donate the profits of this campaign to her. The funds will help her battle with breast cancer and all of the bills that come with it. She currently has already had 5 chemotherapy sessions and has one more to go. In a month she will be having surgery to remove the cancer.

This design is the product of over a year of work. It symbolizes how we hold the future of the world in our hands. A fan makes the top hand appear like it is being extended over the whole spread. It achieves this effect while having a border, so if you are doing a magic trick with one card face down in the middle of the deck, no one will be the wiser! The deck is one way, but since it is only different within the middle, fans and spreads are not affected. The earth, being a circle in the center, looks great in rotating motions. Also, the position and shape of the hands accentuate circular movements.


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