Heartless Abyss Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni/Thirdway Industries


  • A layer of gold foil on card backs
  • Metallic inks (gold and red) on faces
  • Luxury Tuck box with 2 foils outside, 1 foil inside and premium matte paper.
  • Limited edition of 2000 decks (not sealed)
  • Cards printed by Cartamundi, box made by Boschiero&Newton

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Heartless is a wicked series of poker playing cards. It’s designed by Thirdway Industries, famous for seductive ladies and evil creatures – often combined.

Anyways – the story here is about the Nether, a wild version of Hell populated by moronic Imps, hot demonesses, and fierce devils who’ve lost their dark hearts. Fasten your seatbelts, folks–and hang onto your souls.


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