Hot Wheels HW elite 96 Toyota Chaser by Mattel


  • Body Color: Pearlescent white
  • Deco: Authentic logos
  • Body Type: ZAMAC
  • Wheels: 5 spoke wheels with blue hubs
  • Base: Full-metal matte black chassis
  • Window Color: Light smoke tinted
  • Scale: 1:64

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Get hyped for the first entry in a hyper-detailed series of cars! Elite 64 castings are chosen to represent real-world, in-demand vehicles with accurate proportions and 20+ piece construction. Our designers dreamed up a super-clean version of this JDM icon to kick off the collection. The 1:1 Chaser JZX100 is tailor-made for drifting, thanks to its front-mounted engine and real wheel drive. We’ve given our version a drift-modified body kit and added the sponsor logos in a subtle line along the side skirts.


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