Jetsetter Playing Cards: Standard Lounge Edition (Silver) by Paul Ruccio


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Jetsetter Playing Cards was officially established in 2015. Since then, we have become a notable luxury brand among the aviation and playing card communities. Our playing cards can be found ready for gameplay on numerous high profile private jets, in the luggage and bags of world (and domestic) travellers, and in the agile hands of many respected card players, illusionists, magicians, and cardists. You may have even seen our playing cards on TV. It

– Our custom Ace of Spades exhibits our primary Jetsetter Playing Cards spade logo in the Jet Black colorway. We’ve added our Luxury Brand & Quality Decks tagline underneath as a reminder.

– We also took time to revamp and modernize our distinctive and recognizable Jokers from the Premier Edition series. The deck includes two, non-traditional yet functional, Jokers. They resemble a pair of fictitious airline boarding passes for a round trip flight.

– We are printing with standard American court cards. However, they are re-colored to match the look and feel of our Lounge Edition deck in the Hangar Orange colorway. All the black cards, spades and clubs, showcase orange, black, and silver court cards.


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